Lifespan: 12 years
Origin: Switzerland
Color: White
Temperament: Aloof, Lively, Attentive
Weight: Female: 25–35 kg, Male: 30–40 kg
Height: Female: 55–61 cm, Male: 60–66 cm


The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is known for its friendly and loving nature and is also considered relatively easy to train. Striking is the resembling in the physique of the German Shepherd Swiss by his white coat, which often causes confusion. It was also thanks to this stroke of color that many years in Europe became quiet about this breed, as numerous hereditary diseases were associated with it. Finally, the enthusiasm flared up again in the 1970s and 2011, the White Swiss Shepherd, also known under the name Berger Blanc Suisse, internationally recognized by the FCI.

Origin & History

Originally known as a white variation of the German Shepherd Dog in Europe, it was probably deleted from the breed standard in 1933 due to various hereditary diseases and was therefore rarely found. It was thanks to an American that this breed did not completely disappear. Because this imported some copies for their breeding in the States, where they enjoyed extreme popularity. From there, the dogs first returned to Switzerland in the 70s, so today they bear the name White Swiss Shepherd Dog. 

The male "Lobo", born on 5 March 1966, has since been regarded as the ancestor and tribal father in Switzerland. From this, registered in Switzerland males and other US and Canadian import dogs, the following generations emerged. From there, this breed finally spread throughout Europe, so that today it is again represented in numerous international locations. Twenty years after the reimport, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog was registered in June 1991 as a recognized, new breed of dog in the Swiss Dog Book.

White Swiss Shepherd breed features

According to the standard, the males reach a withers height of 60 - 66 cm and should weigh between 30 and 40 kg. Bitches, on the other hand, are fully grown at 55 - 61 cm and 25 - 30 kg.

The head is narrow with an elongated narrow snout and a strong dentition. From the white head color, the nose stands out black, the almond-shaped eyes, however, in a medium to dark brown. Equally striking are his upright ears, which are always directed attentively forward. The upper body of the White Shepherd Dog is strong, muscular and medium in length with a pronounced withers. Not to be missed is the long, bushy tail that tapers to the top. 

Just as muscular as the trunk are the limbs, which predestine him for persevering movement. This was to be made possible for the White Swiss Shepherd daily in order to take into account his activity urge and to maintain his condition.

The medium-long coat of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog grows dense and close with an equally dense undercoat. It is relatively easy to maintain, but should be maintained regularly.

White Swiss Shepherd Character & Character

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is, like the German Shepherd Dog, a primarily attentive and lively dog. In general, a balanced temperament and friendly character speaks for him, which makes him very popular as a family and companion dog. Thanks to his intelligence, he is very docile and should be educated with loving consequence. 

His high social competence is the frequent use as a blind, rescue or beagle owed. In addition, his inner balance and steady readiness to take on tasks allow him.

Use of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Because of its characteristics, the White Swiss Shepherd is a typical family dog. He is friendly but still has a strong protective instinct. It is thanks to his docility that he is also suitable as a companion and protection dog. In addition, the White Swiss Shepherd dog is still used today as a herding or hound or is used as avalanche dog use. Alternatively, various types of dog sports would be compensatory for him.

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