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Survey reveals Indian dogs are doggone pampered

Written by Kashyap Dave

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THE results of PET‘s Pet Parent Survey are in and it’s clear that Indian would go to almost any length for their pets!
  • 76% of dog owners would be willing to risk their lives for their pets while 86% of us are willing to take a sickie to look after their dog (and more than a third already have…)
  • 79% of dog owners let their best mate sleep indoors with 26% cuddling up to their pooch in bed.
  • Victorians are more likely to keep their buddy close at night, with 46% allowing their dog to sleep in their bedroom (or on their bed), versus 37% of owners in NSW.
  • 48% of owners have talked to their dog on the phone (so glad I’m not alone here..)
  • 46% of dog owners have included their dog in family portraits and Christmas cards.
  • 46% are also prepared to install surveillance to track their dogs.
  • 27% of owners have let their dog eat off their plate
  • 26% must have understanding bosses as they have been able to take their dog to work.
  • 60% of dog owners would hold a funeral for their dog.
Taking it one step further, 38% of dog owners would leave a relationship for their dog if they had to choose.
Vet Doctor  CEO Shane Young said “It’s quite clear that many Indians consider pets cherished family members, including them in family portraits, throwing birthday parties and mourning their passing with funerals.”
“The latest trend towards humanising pets is on the rise, with a number of A-list celebrities and their pampered pooches leading the movement.”

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