Life span: 12 – 16 years
Temperament: Alert, Sensitive, Intelligent, Faithful
Origin: Morocco, North Africa
Weight: Female: 18–23 kg, Male: 22–28 kg
Height: Female: 61–68 cm, Male: 66–72 cm
Colors: Black, Brindle, Fawn, Sandy

The Sloughi is a North African greyhound, which is traditionally used as a hunting dog in his homeland. Like many greyhounds, this ancient breed combines elegance and grace with a pronounced independence and innate hunting instinct. The Sloughi is an extraordinary runner who needs a lot of exercise accordingly. He builds a close bond with his owner and seeks the constant closeness to him. As a family dog, the Sloughi shows affectionate and affectionate, without giving up his independence.

Origin & History

The home of the Sloughi is North Africa, where the breed can be found in large numbers, especially in Morocco. The breed standard was also significantly influenced in Morocco. In the North African desert regions, the Sloughi arrived with Arab immigrants, he has been used there for centuries as a hunting dog. The short-haired greyhound is already on Egyptian reliefs from 1500 BC. To be seen and spoiled by the Bedouin tribes still today as treasure. In the meantime, the Sloughi was threatened with extinction in his homeland, although he has found numerous friends in Central Europe in recent decades and the stock increases here.

Sloughi breed features

The FCI standard provides a withers height of 66-72 cm in males and 61-68 cm in females. The Sloughi is a slender, racy and elegant dog with a pronounced musculature. Despite its size, its slim physique requires only 25-28 kg. He has short and fine hair in all shades from light-sand to red-sand. Also possible are a mask, a coat and a flow or cloud in black.

The Sloughi has a long and fine head that is strong enough at the same time. It forms an elongated wedge in the upper view, with the main as the widest part. The skull measures between the ears 12-14 cm and tapers towards the tip of the nose. It appears flat in side view, rounded at the back and curved at the sides. Stop and frontal furrow are poorly developed, the occipital and occipital bone are barely visible. The bridge of the nose runs straight, the Sloughi shows a strong jaw. The eyes are big and dark with a soft, wistful look. An amber eye is allowed in bright animals. The ears are set high and have a triangular, rounded shape.

The Sloughi has a long, well-set neck, which runs in a slightly curved top line. The neck length corresponds to the head length. His back is almost straight with a well protruding withers. The upper profile line seems harmoniously curved, the croup looks bony and wide. The hips are well in front and correspond in height about the height at the withers. The loins are short and dry, the breast is long with a small width and depth. The lower profile line shows well reared with a long raised sternum. The lean rod reaches at least up to the height of the heel bump. The runs are straight and muscular.

Sloughi essence & character

The Sloughi is a noble and proud greyhound with a strong penchant for independence. He shows a certain timidity and obeys only when he is treated with much love and patience. Despite his proud appearance, the Sloughi also develops a close bond with its owner and needs a permanent family connection. He is very attached to his owners and is ready to fearlessly defend them if necessary. Strangers face the Sloughi, as well as many other greyhounds, distanced and sometimes ready to defend. In other situations, too, he is an alert dog who tirelessly and attentively protects his home as well as his people.

The Sloughi, a millennia-old hunting dog breed, has retained a distinctive hunting instinct to this day that emerges as soon as it is outdoors. Despite its delicate appearance, it is a robust and resilient dog. He is a persevering runner who needs a lot of exercise and, above all, freewheeling. In addition to his great urge to move, the Sloughi also enjoys spending comfortable hours at home with his owner. As a family dog, he is calm, tender and obedient, as long as he is lovingly treated. He does not tend to bark.

Use of Sloughis

The Sloughi is used in its North African region of origin, especially in Morocco, to this day as a hunting dog. At the same time, however, he has developed into a popular companion dog, as he not only enjoys a high status in his homeland, but is also easy to care for and easy to deal with. He is also successfully used as a racing dog.

If the Sloughi is considered a companion or family dog, he needs an opportunity to exercise his power regularly. In addition to long walks, it makes sense to run the Sloughi on a racetrack. Running in open terrain is often difficult due to the pronounced hunting drive. Also hunting coursing is well suited as a hunting kit. If the Sloughi has enough time, he behaves quietly and unobtrusively in the home environment. It is uncomplicated in the care and adapts to different climatic conditions without difficulty.

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