It’s not uncommon to see a puppy and realize you can’t survive without one. We’ve grown to want to look after them! However, it is important to resist the temptation and think rationally about whether you should get a puppy. Remember, this is a long-term investment that could last 15 years or more. Every year, many dogs are offered as gifts, and once the burden of becoming a pet parent sets in, many of them are put up for adoption. Dogs Trust in the United Kingdom announced that within a month of Christmas, they received over 4500 calls from people trying to surrender their new puppy.

Make sure you consider these points before deciding to add a pooch to your life.

A Few of the Many Benefits of Having a Dog

  • Dogs make excellent companions. They will improve your mental health and alleviate stress.
  • They assist you in making partnerships and creating a sense of community.
  • Dogs will motivate you to exercise and establish a schedule.
  • They teach children about responsibilities.
  • They’re adorable, cuddly, and just the best!

Consider the Costs of Getting a Dog

We’re not just talking about money: pets also take a lot of time and energy. Here are some factors to think about before adding a dog to your family.


Adoption fees for rescue dogs are often about $300, but designer or pure bred puppies will cost thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that this is just the selling price. It does not have collars, leads, beds, toys, rewards, food, exercise, or anything that you may like to lavish your dog with. Ongoing expenses can vary somewhat depending on the breed, but keep in mind that food, treats, toys, medical checkups, vaccines, grooming, walkers, and doggy daycare will quickly add up.

If your dog has some major health issues, injuries, or crises, all of which will skyrocket. Many consumers are already opting for pet protection to mitigate the effects of this.


Getting a new dog, whether a puppy or an adult, necessitates a significant time investment. You should recommend taking a week off work to help the dog adjust to their new surroundings. Expect your night to be broken for a few months if you have a puppy.

Then there are the walks, which include poop scooping, exercise, and brushing. We have bred our dogs to enjoy spending time with us. Consider how much time you spend away from home each day, how far you would travel, and if your office is dog-friendly. Keep in mind that this is a long-term commitment.

Knowledge & Support

It is important that you read everything you can about dog care before getting one. It is much easier to train a dog from the start than it is to unintentionally teach the incorrect behaviour and then change it. If you have never been the sole adult caregiver for a puppy, you should start reading right away. Be sure that everyone in the family is on board with the decision to have a puppy. It would also be beneficial if you have family or friends who will assist you with caring for your puppy when you are busy, away, or sick.

Home & Health

Be sure your house is dog-friendly, and keep in mind that different breeds will have different requirements. Consider the scale of the house, the nature of property, the protection of the outside areas, and the safety of the inside areas. If you want a spotless den, get a goldfish instead! Check to see if all of the family members are allergic to dogs.

Final Advice

There are so many benefits to adding a dog to your life. But being a responsible pet parent takes time, money and lifestyle changes. But if you can manage that, trust us, it will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

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