Hypoallergenic: No
Lifespan: 10 – 11 years
Temperament: Hardy, Energetic, Lively, Confident, Stable, Brave
Weight: Female: 36–59 kg, Male: 45–68 kg
Height: Female: 64–70 cm, Male: 66–72 cm
Colors: Black, Salt & Pepper


The Russian Black Terrier is a young breed of dog that originated entirely from planned breeding. From his ancestors, this Russian working dog has inherited much of the positive qualities: He shows the sharpness and the imposing appearance of the Giant Schnauzer, is persistent and obedient as the Airedale Terrier and resembles in his courageous and fearless being the Rottweiler. In addition, it convinces with its simplicity and with the ability to easily adapt to all climatic conditions.

Origin & History

The Russian Black Terrier is currently one of the youngest breeds. The recognition by the FCI took place only in 1984. The development of the breed took place in the 1940s and 1950s under the supervision of the Russian Cynological Military School with the aim to create a robust and versatile working dog. The new breed should be able to adapt to different climatic conditions, be obedient and friendly and show a good guardian instinct. The most important ancestor of the Russian Black Terrier is the giant schnauzer. Furthermore, were inter alia Rottweiler, Newfoundland and Airedale Terrier. In 1981 the new working dog breed was recognized by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

Russian Black Terrier breed features

He achieved according to the standard an ideal size of 72-76 cm in males and 68-72 cm in females. The weight of the Russian Black Terrier is 50-60 kg for males and 45-50 kg for females. He is a tall and robust dog with an athletic, elongated physique. The coat is dense and has a rough texture. It is formed as a double hair of a slightly wavy upper coat and a dense undercoat. The coat is of black color, minor gray mixed proportions are allowed.

The head is tall, long and massive with a wide forehead. The stop is recognizable, but not overdrawn. The Russian Black Terrier has a strong catch that tapers slightly towards the tip of the nose. It is emphasized by beard and mustache in a rectangular acting form. The cheeks are round but not overly pronounced. The eyes are oval, dark and of medium size. They are far apart. The ears are medium sized, hanging and triangular in shape. They are set high on the head. The throat is dry and muscular.

The Russian Black Terrier has a strong, straight back with a slightly sloping upper profile line. The withers are high and pronounced, the croup broad and muscular. It falls off slightly towards the tail. The breast is well developed with a well muscled fore breast. The limbs are straight and also strong.

Russian Black Terrier creature & character

The Russian Black Terrier is a confident dog, who also stands out for his calm and amiable nature. He is always alert and, if the situation requires it, ready to defend immediately. But just as quickly he calms down again when he is sure that there is no danger. This characteristic protective drive can already be observed in young animals. However, the Russian Black Terrier never shows excessive severity. He is a balanced dog with good nerves.

When dealing with people, the Russian Black Terrier is good-natured and reliable. As a working dog, he learns fast and convinced by his excellent comprehension. Despite his dignified appearance and imposing physique, he shows a very affectionate nature and is faithful to his owner. The Russian Black Terrier usually seeks a caregiver, to whom he builds a close bond. On the other hand, he is suspicious of strangers. 

The Russian Black Terrier is an undemanding dog that adapts to all living conditions and also different climatic conditions without any problems. As a working dog, he shows a great stamina, robustness and a good leadership.

Use of the Russian Black Terrier

The Russian Black Terrier was originally bred with the aim of using it as a versatile working dog in customs service and military purposes. Although the breed displayed good sharpness, robustness, and leadership as desired, it still proved unsuitable for service purposes. The Russian Black Terrier builds a close bond with his caregiver and therefore copes badly with changing leaders.

Since then, the breed is bred primarily with the aim of family suitability. Today, the Russian Black Terrier is a well-balanced family and companion dog that convinces with its obedience and affection. He is also very well suited as a guard dog, but must be consistently educated, so that his protective drive in the right direction. The Russian Black Terrier is a children's dog, his care is straightforward.

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