Hypoallergenic: No
Lifespan: 13 years
Temperament: Clever, Outgoing, Friendly, Energetic, Responsive, Playful
Weight: Male: 8.8–11 lbs (4–5 kg), Female: 7.7–8.8 lbs (3.5–4 kg)
Colors: Stag Red, Chocolate & Rust, Black & Gold, Tan, Black & Rust, Chocolate & Tan
Height: Male: 10–12 inches (25–30 cm), Female: 10–11 inches (25–28 cm)


Nature and character

The Miniature Pinscher is a lively and spirited dog with a strong character. He appears self-confident to humans and animals without, however, showing an aggressive behavior. As a guard dog, he proves a high level of attention and reliably reports every event to his master. Like all Pinscher, the Miniature Pinscher has an innate hunting instinct, which is particularly evident in small animals such as rats and mice and should not be underestimated.

As a family dog, the miniature pinscher is very affectionate to all family members and, due to its small size, manages well even in small apartments. Like his hunting instinct, his urge to move should not be underestimated. If he is sufficiently physically and mentally busy, he shows himself as a balanced companion.

Activities with the Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is now used almost exclusively as a family and companion dog. Thanks to its small size and uncomplicated attitude, it is suitable for almost all living conditions, but he needs at all times a sufficient outlet. Because of this high movement urgency, it is ideal for active people who spend a lot of time with their dog outdoors. Even as a guard dog, the Miniature Pinscher, with his tireless attention and innate waking instinct, provides valuable services.

Origin & History

Like his great relative, the miniature pinscher is said to have descended from the peat-dwelling peat-dweller, so he has a 1000 year history. Originally used for mice and rat hunting, it enjoyed particular popularity in the 19th century as a pet dog. By the twentieth century, it had already conquered all of Europe, but was eventually supplanted by other foreign dog breeds. Since then he has been valued above all as a family and companion dog.

Racial characteristics Miniature Pinscher

The miniature pinscher is led in group 2 "Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Mountain Dog" and in Section 1 "Pinscher and Schnauzer". He reached according to this standard, a withers height of 25-30 cm at a weight of 4-6 kg. The Miniature Pinscher is bred both monochrome and in the color black-brown; the possible color variants of monochrome animals are fresh red, as well as dark brown to dark red-brown. The latter colors he owes the nickname "Rehpinscher".

The miniature pinscher resembles his great relative, the German Pinscher, in all characteristics, only the size distinguishes both. He has an elegant and harmonious physique, which is additionally emphasized by the short and smooth hair. Its compact body allows him fast and agile movements. Striking are, in addition to his dark and oval eyes, the standing or folding ears, which should be worn v-shaped and high set, as well as the sickle or saber rod, which emerges from a straight back. The miniature pinscher's coat should be tight, short and tight. That's why he is relatively uncomplicated in nursing.

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