My name is Kashyap Dave. I am 28 years old and live with my wife near Ahmedabad. I could not resist the call of “Issn male” and of course I immediately wrote a guest contribution.

My wife and I made the decision not easy. A dog would probably change a lot in our lives and intertwine. Two spontaneous, freedom-loving and amiable people who now voluntarily bind themselves to the leg like this? Yes! The vote was clear and unanimous.

My wife and I are very keen to teach our dog everything necessary to ensure a peaceful cohabitation. However, I notice more and more that this lesson is not a one-way street and learn just as simple as amazing lessons from my dog.
Eight of these lessons I would like to share with you.

1) Live here and now and dare to be happy

I watched Bruno (My pet) watch a fly fly with his eyes. He was completely immersed in the situation and nothing and nobody had been more important at this moment. As a human being, one can actually become envious. When were you last so focused?

Sometimes I sit with a cup of coffee in the living room and look into the garden.

Then I see our “barking kangaroo” completely uninhibited jump over the lawn. Swirls his stick again and again with the snout into the air and chasing it then full of enthusiasm. In such moments, I realize how little you really need to be happy.

But I do not often have the courage to jump barking over the lawn!
Maybe Steve Jobs even thought of a dog when he formulated his pioneering “Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish”. If Bruno is something definitive, then “always hungry and not seldom foolish”.

2) Do regular stretching

If you watch your dog in peace, you will notice that it stretches extensively after each long rest period. Then he makes himself a gaaaanz long and carefully stretches his limbs to prepare for the impending load. This is not only very clever for dogs, because stretching is just as important for the tendons and the entire movement apparatus of man. Have you ever thought about yoga? The “dog looking down” is not fictitious. Nature served as a good example here. I’m trying to integrate this stretching into my daily routine and start the day simply with the “sun” when Bruno leaves me, because my exercises seem like an invitation to play on him.

3) Exercise short but hard

Hardly a dog runs a marathon for no reason. Some dog breeds confirm the rule as an exception, of course. “Otto-normal dog” but trottet around, then repeatedly suddenly to exploding and run as if there was no tomorrow. This is an effective method for increasing performance, such as the so-called HIT (High Intensity Training) in humans. Short intensive units with constant change of intensity. Basically you can achieve your sporting goal with less effort. In the sports scene perhaps a hype, completely normal for dogs. This kind of movement still seems to promote perseverance, because Bruno is still waiting for a flying stick, when my limb has already completely deserted his service. Evil tongues claim Bruno does it just for me because he thinks I like to throw sticks.

4) Sleep well enough

The fact that sleep is the most effective possibility of regeneration cannot be over. The question as to how much sleep is now sufficient, cannot be answered on a general basis. The right dosage must be found by everyone for themselves.
Dogs sleep up to 20! Hours a day, this would certainly be enough for me. Contrary to our first apprehension, a “spring hour” with our dog can be omitted, because Bruno will have to be carried out so early in the house. Krafttraining before sunrise is then but not so my thing.
A deep, breathing, sleeping dog has often been very inspiring for gentlemen and led me purposefully to the domestic couch.

5) Be humble at the food selection

People are, in my opinion, too spoiled and vocal about their diet. Already for breakfast it should be the most diverse treats from all over the world. The dog gets the same (in our case dry food) almost every day the same and he leaves no rest. If the nutrient composition in the food is correct, this is not a problem and is not one-sided. Also not for people.
I do not think it would make sense for our food to go a long way before they land on the table. My grandma then cooked fresh local food for several days. And it was incredibly delicious. Also on the second day! So, “Support Your Local Farmers!”
Sometimes by the way, your metabolism will not break even without an hourly supply of food. Your dog eats two times, maybe even once a day, and still provides top athletes

6) Be reliable, concrete and honest

Dog rehabilitation works only when the dog knows exactly what is expected of him and what he gets back. If you are not honest, your dog will notice this first. I believe the dog makes no deliberate mistakes. Man is often only unable to show clearly what he expects from the dog. You can apologize for the dog.

A “no” in the dog education should be no. Too often we have “cooked” softly from Bruno and yielded to his urge. This only lengthens the learning process unnecessarily for all participants.

This teaching is very valuable to me, especially when dealing with people, because most of the problems are caused by bad communication. I have always wanted to make it clear to other people, which I expect from them.

7. Take time for yourself

It is a good idea to see how the dog relaxes into his corner and devotes himself extensively to body care. Only he counts. A healthy egoism, which also does not harm man.

  • When was the last time you just took care of yourself?
  • How about a cozy aroma bath?

No work, no children, no pets or other obligations. Just YOU!
I think these little retreats are important to gather again for the upcoming tasks. Many people spend most of their time worrying about others and losing sight of themselves.
A little tip: the next time you get on a plane, just have a look at the safety information film, because first you have to put on the respiratory mask in case of emergency. Only then will you be able to help others!

8. Love unconditionally and forgive

  • You do not have the latest smartphone and no designer jeans?
  • Your hair looks like “second hand”?
  • And the pants just do not want to grow?

There are certainly people who are critical to you, but your dog does not matter. For him love has no conditions.

Although some dogs are trained strictly and marginally, they love gentlemen and mistresses and forgive them many mistakes.

“Thank God”! If my dog ​​would love me less for all my mistakes and inadequacies, a separation would be inevitable.

This love and the often “blind faith” associated with it, of course, entails a tremendous responsibility and entails many dangers. I am aware of this and try to fulfill this responsibility. I hope you do it too!

What could you learn from your dog?

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