Life span: 8 – 9 years
Origin: Germany
Weight: Female: 41–59 kg, Male: 48–75 kg
Temperament: Obedient, Fearless, Loyal, Companionable, Adaptable, Loving
Height: Female: 65–75 cm, Male: 72–80 cm
Colors: Yellow, Mahogany, Tan, Sandy

Nature and character

The Leonberger is the ideal family dog ​​due to his good-natured character. In a family with children, he fits in well, because he has strong nerves and reacted calmly to noise. The education of the Leonberger should be consistent and calm. 

In addition, he likes to romp and play and also calls for his daily exercise. Long walks are a must for the movement-happy dog. He also loves the water and likes to swim. By its nature and size, the big dog is less adapted to life in the city and should not be kept in a city apartment. The adaptable dog likes to accompany his family everywhere and is always a loyal companion who does not tend to be fearful or aggressive.

Activities with the Leonberger

Today, the Leonberger is mainly considered as a family dog ​​because of his friendly nature. As a house or guard dog, the smart dog is already suitable because of its size and its loud barking. He barks courageously every uninvited guest and shows self-confident and attentive. 

In former times it was used to protect cattle herds from predators. Also for pulling loads the strong dogs were used. Also suitable for dog sports is the Leonberger, but is the raging in the water and in the outdoors more.

Origin & History

In the 19th century, the city council of Leonberg, Heinrich Essig, crossed a Newfoundland dog with a Bernhard male of the monastery hospice "Großer St. Bernhard". The Pyrenees mountain dog was also crossed. The goal Essigs was a lion-like dog, since the city Leonberg was represented by a lion. The first real Leonbergers finally saw the light of day in 1846. Soon after, the Leonbergers became very popular and sold all over the world. The Empress Sissi is said to have owned a Leonberger. The Leonberger was used at the end of the century preferably as a farm dog. His strong physique and his loud barking made him a watchdog popular. During the first and second world wars the Leonberger would be almost extinct,

Racial characteristics Leonberger

According to the general breed standards, the dog has the following characteristics.

The Leonberger is one of the very large breeds of dogs. The males reach a size of 80, the females a size of 75 centimeters. An adult male also weighs up to 70 kilograms. The female animals can reach a weight of 60 kilograms. The Leonberger has overall a strong structure and a straight and wide back. The loins of the animal are muscular and strong. His chest should be oval and not barrel-shaped. The Leonberger has strongly muscled thighs, which are long and inclined. His step is expansive, his movements are even.

The densely haired tail is usually worn on the back, especially in an excited and happy mood. The coat is long, dense and very soft. The color of the fur alternates between reddish-brown, reddish and lighter tones and is reminiscent of a lion's mane at the neck and chest area.

Leonberger breed characteristics

The face is dark and sometimes almost black. The medium sized ears of the Leonberger are hanging. The nose bridge with the black nose runs evenly and is never sunken. The medium-sized and oval eyes of the Leonberger can be light brown, but also dark brown.

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