Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
Origin: Germany
Temperament: Docile, Good-natured, Spirited, Companionable, Adaptable, Trainable
Weight: Male: 11–16 kg, Female: 9–14 kg
Height: Male: 38–46 cm, Female: 38–46 cm
Colors: White & Chocolate, White & Chestnut

Nature and character

The Kromfohrlander is an open-minded, loyal and affectionate family dog, who seeks the proximity to his people in particular. With his spirited and at the same time good-natured nature he wants to be actively involved in the daily family life. In dealing with children, he proves a cheerful and playful character, which he retains well into old age. Nevertheless, you should never leave him alone with the youngest. As a very sociable dog, the Kromfohrländer can also be kept without problems with other dogs. Due to its remarkable intelligence, this breed learns very fast and is able to learn surprisingly many commands within a very short time.

In attitude, the Kromfohrlander is rather modest and adaptable. He can cope with family life as well as a companion dog of single persons and is also able to adapt to different living conditions. Due to his always watchful behavior, he knows how to gain respect as an attentive guard dog and behaves strangely towards strangers. In the wild, although his ancestors assume otherwise, he does not tend to poach or stray. Rather, he prefers long walks on the side of his owners. Like every dog, he needs physical as well as sufficient mental capacity.

Activities with the Kromfohrlander

The Kromfohrlander is a pure family and companion dog, which unlike its ancestors shows little hunting drive. Due to its adaptability, it can be kept both on land and in a smaller city apartment without any problems. However, he needs daily exercise and has a strong desire to be close to his people. Even as a guard dog Kromfohrländer can be used and proves in this task a high degree of attention, usually without showing an aggressive behavior.

The Kromfohrlander is frugal in the attitude and needs due to its simple textured fur only a relatively low maintenance costs. His education is also relatively straightforward, as the Kromfohrländer learns as an intelligent and docile dog strikingly fast. In spite of his sociability, he can also be used as a companion dog for single persons if he is sufficiently moved and employed daily.

Origin & History

The Kromfohrlander is recognized as a breed only since 1955 internationally and is one of the youngest breeds. The first breeder was Ilse Schleifenbaum, who lived near Siegen in North Rhine-Westphalia. The name Kromfohrländer springs from a district in their homeland with the name "Krom Fohr", in High German "crooked furrow". The ancestors of the first Kromfohrländer were her Fox Terrier bitch and a Breton Griffon male, which was probably brought by the American soldiers to North Rhine-Westphalia after the war. From the crossbreeding of both breeds a mixture with such advantageous character traits emerged, that the first breeder started the breeding of the new breed with the help of an experienced dog connoisseur.

Racial features Kromfohrlander

The Kromfohrlander belongs to the group 9 "companion dogs" and into the section 10 "Kromfohrlander". He reached according to FCI standard a withers height of 38-46 cm and a weight of 11-16 kg in males, and 9-14 kg in bitches. The Kromfohrländer is bred in the varieties Rauhaar and Glatthaar. The coat has a correspondingly rough or soft texture and reaches a length of up to 7 cm on the back and about 3 cm on the sides. The Kromfohrländer has short, soft undercoat and as rough-haired variation longer hair on the face and catch. The basic color is white with light, red or dark brown badges on body, head, and face.Kromfohrländer breed characteristics

The Kromfohrlander has a slightly roundish skull with indicated Stirnfurche and well recognizable stop. The nose is medium sized, the catch moderately wide, with a slight taper towards the tip of the nose. The cheeks are well muscled and a

re tight from the cheekbone to the lower jaw. The eyes are medium-sized and dark to medium brown in color. They are oval and slightly inclined. The ears are set high and have a triangular shape. The neck shows a sloping line and is slightly arched at the neck. He is medium long, strong and has a good muscling back to the back. The upper profile line runs straight and appears in comparison somewhat longer than the height at the withers.

The Kromfohrländer has a strong, medium-length back with hinted withers. The croup runs slightly sloping and is well muscled. The breast is moderately deep and broad with an anticipated fore breast. The ribs are slightly arched, the lower profile line raised towards the loins. The lumbar region is well developed and appears somewhat narrower than the thorax. The runs are straight with strong muscled shoulders and thighs.

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