Hypoallergenic: Yes
Lifespan: 13 – 15 years
Temperament: Strong Willed, Affectionate, Spirited, Alert, Loyal, Gentle
Weight: Female: 15–18 kg, Male: 15–18 kg
Height: Female: 44–48 cm, Male: 46–51 cm
Colors: Black, Blue, Silver, Blue & Black, Slate Blue

Nature and character

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a typical representative of its genus: he is spirited and watchful, unflinching and at the same time affectionate towards his people. Like most terrier species, it was originally used as a peasant and hunting dog, and still shows its equipment for this purpose. With proper socialization and education, the Kerry Blue Terrier is also suitable for families with children. Like every dog, he needs a loving, but consistent education to make him a pleasant companion.

Origin & History

The Kerry Blue Terrier, formerly also called "Irish-Blue", is an Irish working dog, which has probably been used in his homeland for centuries as a versatile farmer dog and Pied Piper. The first records of the Kerry Blue Terrier were written in the middle of the 19th century. It is believed that the breed occurred at this time mainly in Kerry, but also in other Irish counties. In 1913, the Kerry Blue Terrier was first seen at exhibitions and gained in the following decades at home and abroad increasingly popular. The FCI recognized the Kerry Blue Terrier 1922 as an independent breed.

Kerry Blue Terrier breed features

The Kerry Blue Terrier in the group 3 "Terrier" and in the section 1 "High-speed Terriers". He reaches a withers height of 45.5-49.5 cm in males and 44.5-48 cm in females. The average weight is 15-18 kg for males, a little less for females. The Kerry Blue Terrier is a medium sized dog with a muscular physique. He shows the characteristic features of the terrier. The coat is lush, wavy and blue in color. Approved are all shades of blue as well as black marks. The dense coat of the Kerry Blue Terrier requires a regular shearing that should be in line with the breed standard.

The Kerry Blue Terrier has a very hairy head, which is stronger and more muscular in males than in females. The skull is balanced and strong, the stop hardly pronounced. The Kerry Blue Terrier has a medium length catch and a strong muscular jaw. The eyes are medium in size, they have a penetrating expression and are dark hazel-brown in color. The small to medium-sized ears are worn close to the head. They fall forward or are carried forward. The neck is moderately long with a good shoulder attachment.

The Kerry Blue Terrier has a short body with a straight back of medium length. The loins are moderately long, the chest deep and moderately wide with well arched ribs. The tail is thin and set high, it is carried upright and no longer cropped these days. The Kerry Blue Terrier has straight forelegs with well-fitting shoulders. The hind legs are muscular with strong thighs and powerful hocks. The movement appears spacious and well coordinated. Head and tail are carried high in the movement.

Kerry Blue Terrier creature & character

The Kerry Blue Terrier shows in his character and behavior the typical traits of a terrier. He is self-confident, watchful and unflinching, spirited in his nature and at the same time very affectionate towards his people. The Kerry Blue Terrier is intelligent and learns fast. As a family dog, he is passionate about any business and prefers to be with you everywhere. His temperamental and sometimes overbearing nature requires a consistent, but at the same time also loving education with a close family connection.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a robust and strong dog that has retained some of the characteristics of its former use. He is a very vigilant dog who defends his people as well as his home without hesitation. Some of these old hunting and farming dogs have kept their good hunting grounds and their love of the water to this day. With the Kerry Blue Terrier, these plants are less pronounced but can still be seen. He is a very active dog with a high need for exercise and wants to be busy on a daily basis. Despite his good alertness, the Kerry Blue Terrier does not tend to bark and shows no nervousness or aggressiveness when it comes to proper education.

Use of the Kerry Blue Terrier

Some Kerry Blue Terriers are still suitable for difficult hunting tasks such as the underwater hunt on Otter or the construction hunt on badgers. In hunting, however, the Kerry Blue Terrier has generally lost importance. Even as a guard dog, he proves to be reliable, attentive and unflinching. As an active and eager to learn dog, the Kerry Blue Terrier is also suitable for demanding dog sports such as agility or obedience.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is now used almost exclusively as a family dog, because he is affectionate and eager to learn and, with appropriate socialization, copes well with children. However, it requires a lot of movement, employment and society, so that it is suitable as a companion or family dog only for people who can and want to take this into account. Even his lush coat requires regular intensive care.

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