Lifespan: 13 – 16 years
Mass: 14 – 18 lbs (Adult)
Height: 9.8 – 15 in. (Adult, At the withers)
Origin: England
Temperament: Stubborn, Fearless, Energetic, Athletic, Intelligent, Vocal
Colors: White, Blue Belton, White & Chestnut

Jack Russell Terrier

Nature and character

The Jack Russell Terrier is a lively and active dog who, with all his audacity, can convince with calm self-confidence. Especially for riders, the agile Jack Russell Terrier is popular. Since riding stables for this hunting terrier have always been part of its normal environment, it is still common at riding stables today and accompanies the riders on horseback rides or tournaments. 

The intelligent terrier needs a lot of movement. He loves long walks in nature and prefers to live in a large family or a keeper, who can spend a lot of time for him.

He wants to be mentally supported. This fact predestines him especially for any kind of dog sport, in which he pursues his goals with the typical stubbornness of the Jack Russell Terrier. With all his zeal he knows but service and leisure to separate very precisely. He is highly concentrated at work but becomes a playmate in the family.

Activities with the Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a versatile dog that can be used in almost any field. Due to its size, however, it is less suitable as a protective dog and is hardly hunted in Germany, unlike in England and Australia. In this country, his qualities as a companion or sports dog in the foreground. The dog sport is an excellent alternative to hunting and gives him the opportunity to fully exploit his strengths. Within the family, he is an excellent companion for children, who undergoes mistreatment quietly. In addition, his stamina and joy of movement predestined him to accompany on horseback rides or bike rides.

Origin & History

The forefather of the Jack Russell Terrier is the English pastor's son Parson John Russell. The hunting enthusiasts theologian began during his studies in Oxford with the breeding of Jagdterriern. The aim of his efforts was the development of a Fox Terrier line, which should run with his Fox Hounds and hunt out foxes and other animals from their buildings. From this breed developed two different types of Jack Russell: the "Parson Jack Russell" and the "Jack Russell Terrier". The focus on hunting ability and the frequent crossing of other breeds such as Bull Terrier, Beagle and Corgi meant that the official recognition of the breed by the associations took place only in 1991.

Breed features Jack Russell Terrier

The coat of the Jack Russell Terrier must be predominantly white, with black and or tan markings. The badges may have all shades from the brightest to the deepest maroon. The ideal color is a white body with few badges. The head should be drawn in the colors white, black and light brown.

The Jack Russell Terrier has a rectangular physique and should be longer than tall overall. The back is straight and the height at the withers is slightly less than the length of withers to the tail approach. The loins are strong and short as well as well muscled. The Jack Russell has a chest that is rather deep than wide and has good ground clearance.Jack Russell Terrier breed features

The skull of the Jack Russell Terrier is moderately wide and rather flat. It narrows to the eyes and tapers into a broad fore-face. The eyes are almond-shaped and have a penetrating expression. They must not protrude and should be bordered by black pigmented eyelids.

Jack Russell Terrier
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