In these cold and warm days, we should not forget that while we are living in our warm home and AC, We are living in a very comfortable level, We see that many of the animals around us they are walking around on the road in season summer, winter, and monsoon. They enjoy everything without any complain, even though they behave very lovable.

As the human being, we have the responsibility to help the dog and here some daily habits that we can help animals.

How can we help the street dogs and birds? How can we become the nest of street animals?

  1. There are other living things living outside. Although we try to help them, it is not so possible. You must have a nest that they can put your head in. Put yourself in the place of the street animals. Could you live your life under these tough conditions? If you can empathize a bit, I want you to support this campaign. In Metropolitan Municipality, we want to build a cottage and birdhouses in our parks.
dog cottage

2. I still remember childhood days when mom cooking roti at that time she said to me "First roti for Cow and Last roti for the dog"  We need to follow this mantra on daily basis.

3. We need to build chabutara near flats, house, residence area, the temple for birds where we can serve water and grains...

4. We have to clean some surface and put water in the vessel or If you ground or some free space near your house than you can create some in-house system for birds. that you can see the picture.

5. When you see any street dog or poor dogs than give some food like biscuits or milk etc.

5. In the summer season put one water vessel on the terres or balkani. you can purchase bird feeder from the market which is easily available.

7. Innocent animals cannot stand up for themselves. They are mute sufferers. But cruelty to animals is punishable by law, though this does not act as a deterrent to some people.

If you see an animal such as dog or cow being hit or injured and abused, get the police to intervene. Should the abuse persist, register an FIR at the closest police station. Indian laws are firm on the ground. Animals cannot be ill-treated without consequences.

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