You have brought a new pretty and amazing puppy at home. Obviously, you need to give him a bath to eliminate old odours and allow him to start his new life, clean and fresh. Let’s start revealing step by step guide on how you can give the first bath to your puppy.

The Right Place Selection

To bathe your puppy safely, simply place him on a sturdy and stable table, covered with a rubber mat to prevent him from slipping. Placing him in an unknown place at height will make him understand that he is not there to play and will allow you to handle him while ensuring his comfort and safety. You should place a towel on the table to prevent the puppy from slipping and to absorb water.

The Steps Of The Puppy’s Bath

Start by brushing it gently before bathing it. Simple movements with a suitable brush will remove dirt from the coat and calm it down. In the meantime, switch on the hairdryer near the table so that the puppy gets used to the sound of the device. The goal is to get the puppy used to the situation while providing him with an educational and enjoyable experience.

Then place the puppy in a basin of sufficient size or in a bathtub.

Warm Water And A Special Puppy Shampoo

With the showerhead, wet the puppy with water, making sure it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Prepare the shampoo by mixing it with water. Choose a special puppy shampoo; do not use your own toiletries until you have checked with your vet. With a soft sponge, spread the mixture over the entire coat.

A gentle brushing will allow you to wash and massage it, but also to get it used to groom. It is important to finish by thoroughly rinsing the coat: rinse the puppy until the water is clear and the last traces of dog shampoo have disappeared.

Drying After Bathing

Let’s move on to drying! Start by rubbing the puppy softly and gently with the towel. Then put the puppy back on the table and use the hairdryer. In addition, hold it with one hand against you to secure it. Be sure to apply warm air to his coat starting with the tail. It actually will not frighten him. You must avoid hot air directly into the nose and ears.

Make sure the puppy is dry, especially on the back of the legs and under the belly. When you are finished, put the puppy back on the table to brush and pet him. And finally, give him a treat as a reward.

 A Clean And Happy Puppy

The sooner you start grooming your puppy, the sooner he will get used to this routine, which is necessary for his comfort and good health. Brushing keeps the coat clean and the skin hygienic.

Each type of coat has its own grooming characteristics. To maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat, remember to brush it regularly.

Get your puppy used to the bath gradually. However, give him baths only if necessary. It can happen that your puppy rolls in the mud during a walk: this justifies a bath to keep your puppy clean!

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