Cleaning your dog’s ear regularly keeps your dog away from ear infections. That is why you must clean the dog’s ear. However, the canal of the dogs’ ear is bent. So, it is useless to press a cotton swab vertically: it will not pass!

How To Do It

There is, in fact, no need to clean your dog’s ears every day. In-depth care can be done once a week. On the other hand, you can clean the outside of the ear once a day for dogs with falling ears. This ensures that no grass is caught in the hair.

Limit the use of the cotton swab to the outer part of the ear only. Avoid it for the ear canal as it may push all impurities to the bottom.

Instead, use a specific product for dogs in the form of ear lotion. It usually has a soft tip that is gently inserted into the ear. For dogs with drooping ears, it must be held vertically.

Apply light pressure to the lotion, then massage the ear at its base to penetrate the product and dissolve any impurities located at the bottom of the conduit. Then take cotton wool at the tip of your finger and remove the excess product.

Ear Infections

Regular care will allow you to quickly detect the slightest affection. No pain should be felt by the animal during cleaning and the cotton should remain clean enough. If you are using dirt cotton, you are going to spread the infection!

Normally, earwax should be white or yellowish. If it is black, it is a sign of ear scab, if it is yellow and smelly, it is a sign of suppurative otitis.

Ear Waxing

There are certain breeds (Poodle, Bichon) for which it is useful to remove hair from the ear canal entrance because the hair can prevent proper ventilation.

This is done with fingers or pliers. It is also possible to shave the duct entrance with a mower.

The Dog’s Ear Care

  • Use cotton
  • Use dog-specific ear lotions
  • Instil the liquid, massage, then remove the excess
  • Do not insist if the animal complains, it must have an affection
  • A weekly rhythm is sufficient
  • Watch with particular attention for dogs with drooping ears
  • For outings in the forest or during meals, you can attach their ears to their foreheads
  • You can periodically wax the dog’s ears from time to time

What Actually You Need To Clean The Ear

An ear cleaner for veterinary use and cotton. Always give the treat to reward your dog at the end.

When everything is ready, do the followings:

  1. Place your dog comfortably on a table, on the floor or on your lap depending on his size.
  2. Hold his ear firmly upwards. Put the cleaning bottle upside down into the ear canal opening. Put a good fluid pressure in the pipe. There is no risk of overdose.
  3. Gently but firmly massage the base of the ear. Wipe up what comes out. Let your dog shake, wipe again. It is normal to have a small amount of brown earwax on the cotton.

The same step goes for the second ear and always remember to reward at the end.

Special Notes:

Use a dog ear cleaner, apply the product, massage, wipe and reward.

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