I came across something on newspaper the other day, how a stray dog saved the family from burglars. I marveled at the selfless love a dog can inhibit for someone. Dogs, as we all know, are the epitome of loyalty, compassion and love. A fine citation of devotion toward Human. Besides some people who possess hard-shelled heart, there are people who have practically adopted dogs as their own young ones.

I have my best friends who let their dogs sleep in the same bed as they do, feed them with their hands, prepare them for various competitions with love etc. Their life revolves around their dogs. One has named her Labrador as Robin and the other one has named his Beagle as Cooper. And I have met both those dogs countless times, and each time, I fall in love with them more than before. My 3-year-old son who is fond of animals and not taught to be afraid of them is fascinated by the creature, a bundle of love and enjoys touching a dog’s tail, playing with its ears and rubbing its fluffy back. In our colony, the last house has a Beagle named Sherry. The dog has known my son for two years now and every time I pass by that house, Sherry notices both me and my elder son and begins barking jovially, wagging his tail and wanting to come out to be patted by him. It fills me with joy how an unknown dog has become so accustomed to a toddler.

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Having been dazzled by their love, my son who was 1.5 years old at that time, decided to feed a stray dog with his hands. Apparently, his grandmother and everyone elder at our place flipped at the idea and shoo-ed the black doggie away. I took Ruhaan’s hand and brought him out with a chapati in his hand. And then began our little secret adventure of feeding a full grown stray dog with his eyes filled with evident affection. I tore bites of the chapati and gave them to my son and he held out his hand to the dog. My mother in law was running after our duo of mom and son when she saw how her grandson was feeding the dog. But my sole focus was on the dog’s behavior.

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I cannot tell you how stupefied I had been when I observed the dog only using his canines to take the bite from my son’s hand. People would normally flip at the sight of a toddler is feeding a stray dog which is not at all vaccinated. But the dog being so enlightened didn’t let his tongue touch Ruhaan’s hand as though feared more of its germs get to its feeder.

A week later, I and Ruhaan had met the same dog again and he had come running to us and Ruhaan had jovially patted his head which the doggo graciously accepted.

And now that my younger son is a year old, I am wishing to bring him up devoid of any fear of animals. Because, well, DOGS ARE SPECIAL.

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