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raised of Rs.10,000 goal
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My name is Kashyap Dave, I have been feeding and rescuing Dogs, Cows, and cats from the streets of Ahmedabad.
Our next goal is to feed 50 stray dogs daily and sterilized 20-25 dogs per month and obtain them medical facilities as and once needed.
All the kind hearted people to require a little step towards humanity by feeding the stray animals who are starving to death, the stray animals within the urban areas are somewhat able to get the food however in rural areas they are starving,
If you'd wish to contribute you can gift simply 100 rupees to us that is enough to feed 4 stray dogs and several other animals,
This is my kind request to you to try to gift for the betterment of this world and to make this world a better place for animals to live free and save them from extinction.
Right now I am feeding 10-15 dogs per day its cost Rs.200 Per day
1 month = 30 days cost
Rs.200*30 day = Rs.6000

My Goal Feed 50 stray Dogs Per day for that I need some support from kind people who can help financially.

 You will get my all updates of my feeding program through my Facebook page If you need more information visit: Dog Love India

For Free medicine rashes and raktapitta disease for dog in India you can contact me by click here

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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Feed Stray Dogs Day 1

Fees stray dogs


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Pranuthi donated Rs.500[mks_separator style="dashed" height="2"]

Pooja donated Rs.500 [mks_separator style="dashed" height="2"]

Chaitaskumar donated Rs. 200 [mks_separator style="dashed" height="2"]


[mks_toggle title="1. How do I know this is legit?" state="open"]

A. I have been working with animals in India (Ahmedabad, Gujarat ) from last year. I also run a dog shelter. To me, this is a passion.


[mks_toggle title="2. Why do you need this money?" state="close"]

A. For last years, I have fed stray dogs every day in the Bhopal (during holidays, I hire help for feeding) and this entire effort has been self-funded. I have also sterilized and vaccinated these dogs. This puts a significant strain on my finances, given that my only source of income is my private dog-training.


[mks_toggle title="3. What specific costs will my contribution cover?" state="close"]

A. My monthly expense for feeding 50-60 stray dogs is approximately Rs. 10,000. I cook a meal consisting of rice, eggs, and Pedigree dog food (one meal a day). This, plus the fuel expenses. While traveling, I hire help for feeding and pay them, depending upon the duration of the exercise. The money raised will go entirely towards covering these costs.


[mks_toggle title="4. Will you be keeping any money as a fee for your efforts?" state="close"]

A. No. I have a private dog-boarding and training practice that pays my bills. Feeding stray dogs is something I do out of my love for animals.


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