Lifespan: 8 – 10 years
Weight: Female: 40–51 lbs (18–23 kg), Male: 51–55 lbs (23–25 kg)
Temperament: Gregarious, Docile, Willful, Friendly
Colors: White, Fawn, Piebald, Tan, Brindle & White, Red & White, Fawn & White, Red Brindle
Height: Female: 12–16 inches (31–40 cm), Male: 12–16 inches (31–40 cm)
Origin: United Kingdom, England

English bulldog

Nature and character

Based on its medieval use, the English Bulldog has preserved its bold nature to this day. A courageous and determined demeanor is still characteristic of this old dog breed. First and foremost, however, the English Bulldog is distinguished by its amiable nature, which has made it a popular companion and companion dog. The character of the English Bulldog is characterized by an extremely gentle and patient nature. It proves to be a devoted and loyal family dog who always seeks the closeness of his master or his family and also copes well with children. Despite their gentle nature, English Bulldogs can also turn out to be true dickskulls, which require a loving, but consistent education.

Activities with the English Bulldog

Because of its mild-mannered nature, the English Bulldog today is especially popular as a companion and family dog. She fits easily into her family and gets along well with children. Since the dogs of this breed prove to be very watchful and courageous, they are also suitable as watchdogs. They also play an important role as companion dogs. English bulldogs, however, are less suitable for dog sports because they are very sensitive to heat and can sometimes suffer from respiratory and circulatory problems. Also genetic joint diseases such as hip dysplasia prepare the English Bulldog at high stress problems and limit their skills to dog sports.

Origin & History

The English Bulldog has existed in its homeland since the 17th century and owes its name to its original use for bullfighting. At this time the breed was already bred in its present form with the characteristic short snout and the broad pine. After the prohibition of dog fighting in the 19th century, the breeding of the breed increased emphasis on promoting the actually peaceful nature of the English Bulldog. Since then, in Britain, the breed has been considered the epitome of the typical British virtues of perseverance, courage and serenity.

Racial characteristics English Bulldog

The English Bulldog has a powerful, broad and compact physique. She has a relatively large head, but should not affect the balanced overall picture. In the side view, the head appears very high and the face thus rather short. The wide catch is dull and slightly upwards. Characteristic of the English Bulldog are also a flat forehead and a loose, wrinkled skin in and around the head area. However, these wrinkles should not be too pronounced and the face should not overlap. The English Bulldog has a big skull with a pronounced stop, which also makes it look quite tall in the front view.

The jaw of the English Bulldog is broad and strong. In the front area of ​​the upper jaw is slightly surmounted by the slightly bent lower jaw. Her eyes appear deep in the skull in front view and are of dark, almost black color. You should show no more white when looking forward. The ears are set high and are far apart.

The English Bulldog has a thick and strong neck that forms some thicker skin folds as well as a slight dewlap down to the chest. The back is slightly sunken behind the shoulders and rises from this lowest point to the loins. The highest point is above the shoulder level. Characteristic is also a steeply sloping top line from the loin end to the tail. The lower profile line is raised and the belly is not hanging. The English Bulldog also has a short strong back and a broad, well rounded and deep chest. Its tail is set low and moderately long with a strong neck that tapers towards the tip. The forelegs are short with broad, powerful shoulders, the hind legs a little longer, muscular and strong-boned.

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