In this article, I’ll tell you how your dog shows you that he loves you and tell you a bit about the background. Because you’ll be amazed how much research has actually found out about the emotions of our dogs. Have fun while reading!

I am convinced that every dog ​​is something special with its own character. And every dog ​​certainly shows quite individually how much he loves his human being.

Still, there are some things that you can see in many dogs when they show their affection.

And I’m sure there are many things you’ve known for a long time: “my dog ​​understands every word” and “my dog ​​feels how I feel”. And many people say something like that is nonsense.

That’s why I put together a lot of “evidence” here. And all this information makes this article particularly exciting for me!

It has been explained and proven so much by behavioral researchers. Believe me, you’ll be surprised what we all know more about dogs!
For this I will tell you more here.

How does your dog show you that he loves you?

Number 1: He cuddles with you and seeks direct physical contact

This is always one of the best moments of the day for me! After work, we had dinner and then cuddle my friend, Pixie and me on the sofa. Watch a series or a movie.

Yes and Pixie is in the middle of it. Sometimes even like a sausage on one of us completely folded, so that she has complete body contact.

Only with the people we really love, we seek physical contact. Likewise our dogs would like to be with us – ideally together with the whole pack in one place!

Also, the fact that our dog presents us his belly often – to be scratched at this, of course, is a sign of absolute trust!

And it has actually been proven that the cuddly hormone oxytocin is released both in the dog and in humans. It is especially well-known among mothers in contact with their babies


Number 2: Your dog licks you
I do not have to explain that to you: a kiss is a clear sign of affection that every human understands. If your dog licks your face and, above all, your mouth, then this is actually exactly the same!

Dog mothers lick their puppies, so that their digestion is stimulated, for example. Before the puppy opens his eyes, he has known his mother’s sweet affection for weeks. And associate it with love and affection.

“Even wolves show each other just as their affection!”

And that’s exactly what they do with us. Your dog will show you that he accepts you as his social partner, that he finds you great and maybe he hopes to get some rest from the liverwurst bread that you just ate.

Although it may seem strange to us humans, it is something natural for your dog to lick you off. That’s just the little wolf in it.

If you do not like it on the face, then offer him to lick your hands. And be happy if your dog wants to give you kinky kisses!


Number 3: Your dog orients itself to you on walks

When you’re on the move, your dog keeps turning to look at you and see where you are. You can be especially happy about that.

Because you have a great bond and even if he is just following his nose and a thousand great rumors and scents – it is always important that you are there. And you experienced shared adventures.

If your dog crawls around doing his own thing, it does not mean he does not like you. But he finds everything else so much more exciting.

Here you can win his attention with little tricks!
For example, let him wait in disguise and hide some treats around a big tree, which he can then sniff. With Pixie I like doing this on fallen tree trunks on which she then balances Leckerlie-sniffing.

You can also practice tricks in a playful way with your dog in between on the walk. With a great treat treats. You’ll see that your dog will pay much more attention to you soon!


Number 4: Your dog brings you his toy

Of course, if your dog is standing in front of you with its tail wagging and eyes in view – its toy in its mouth – it also means that it wants to play with you.

Which of course is a sign of friendship and love. Because playing together strengthens your bond!

But many dogs also think that they want to present their vollgesabbertes favorite toy you. The biggest award in the dog world, do not you think?


Number 5: Your dog wants to sleep in bed with you
Again, the ghosts and opinions often decide whether the dog should sleep in bed or not. In any case, it is a deep need of most dogs to sleep together “with the whole pack”.

An expression of cohesion. After all, you are his most important social partner.
Or your whole family.

Number 6: Your dog is playing with you
Especially young dogs like to play with other conspecifics. But often dogs with older age lose interest in playing with other dogs. I was able to watch it very well with Pixie.

But she still likes to play with us. Almost every day. And there does not have to be a toy in the game for that at all.

Outside, it’s enough for her to physically recreate a game challenge and the so-called “teasing” of the dogs. She then lets herself be hunted and hunts after us again.


Number 7: Your dog is happy when you come home
I always find it a shame when trainers forbid dog owners from supporting and reinforcing the joy of their dog. “He should behave civilized and not jump up at them.” Schmarrn in my eyes! And sad about it.


Number 8: Your dog makes eye contact with you
Direct eye contact is an absolutely intimate action with us humans. If you’re in love, you can spend hours looking into the other person’s eyes.

And not for nothing we say, when we are angry “Get out of my sight!”

When we look our dog in the eye, this is actually rude in the dog language. For direct eye contact among dogs is actually seen as aggression. A challenge. Courteous dogs therefore look to the side and lick their mouths to show “I do not harm you!”


Number 9: Your dog is trying to understand your language
I catch myself every now and then, that I zusabbele Pixie completely. Just talk to her without thinking that she understands next to nothing. Nevertheless, she looks at me very interested. Very polite of her!😉


Number 10: Your dog reacts empathically to you

Have you ever experienced that you were sick, sad or angry and your dog was right by your side and looked at you as if he understood you?

Yes, many may say that you are crazy if you think so. Pustekuchen – now you can answer all that this is scientifically proven! Even twice!

Many consider me a crazy dog-eater when I say that Pixie also often reflects my mood. When I’m under stress, it’s also more aggressive to others on a walk. At it I realize: “Oh oh, I have to go down. So Pixie can shut down! ”

Yes, and now I know that this was not just “a feeling” of me, but it is absolutely right!

So and these are my 10 signs that your dog will show you how awesome he is.
Do you think of more or is there an anecdote that comes to your mind immediately?
I think that you are all similar to me: actually, I have long suspected many of the things and thought to myself.

But it is now all the more fascinating to see what scientifically proven everything and therefore absolutely true! Our dogs are really the best animals in the world!

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