Umair Rahmani’s neighbour, Jennifer, bumped into him one morning asking if he could watch the dog she found wandering around the bus stand. Umair agreed to keep an eye on the lost terrier but told Jennifer that it would only be for a couple of days. Being the real dog lover, Jennifer soon began to capture few photos of the dog through her mobile. She then quickly ran to the nearby cyber center and printed off 500 Alert and Found fliers, and hopped back on her motorbike to paste them everywhere in her colony.

In the meantime, Umair ran to the pet supplement store (carrying the little puppy in his arms), bought some pet supplies for a day, and went to his home. At home, he even warned his 6-year old daughter not to fall in love with their guest. Umair’s son, Zidan had Down syndrome coupled with an assortment of few other ailments. He was a sick baby and had recently undergone two heart surgeries.

Four days later Umair and his son Zidan were still looking after the dog, feeding him 5 times a day and cleaning his poop every second hour. Zidan who had already grown attached to the dog had started to call him Bailey (pronounced Bay-ley). Umair had also grown to like for their new companion. Every night when he arrived home from the office, Bailey would open the door for him and Umair will sit down on his knees and caress him with love.

But one night when Umair returned from his office, Bailey wasn’t patient enough to sit down in his lap; he flung himself at the door and began to bark madly at him. He barked at Zidan’s room and kicked at the locked door. Bewildered, Umair quickly opened the door, and Bailey sprinted onto Zidan’s bedroom where Umair found his 6 year old son in the middle of a very- violent seizure. Bailey ran over to Zidan, but as soon as Umair reached to help his son, the dog went silent.

“If he hadn’t given the hints when I arrived home, the neurologist said that my son would have choked on his own throat and fainted to death,” Umair reported to the Local Newspaper. At this point, Umair decided to keep the dog with him.

But the next morning, Jennifer received a call from a woman name Alizah who recognized her lost dog and dialed the number on the flier. When talking to the owner, Jennifer got emotional and told her that her dog saved his friend’s son.

Same evening Alizah drove to Umair’s residence to pick up her dog, But when he was parking her car on their porch, she saw Umair and Zidan crying in their room. After a few moments of silence, Alizah walked into their house only to tell them that, “Maybe my dog was supposed to find your son, and maybe he should keep him.


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