In this article, you’ll learn how to not only rescue a dog from a hot car as quickly as possible and properly handle his heat stroke, but also be legally legal on the way. 

Honestly, every summer I can not believe that countless dogs are dying in parked cars. And just as you read regularly from rescue operations in which the dogs just get away with their lives. But I was not really sure what to do if I was to experience just that. What can and should I do and how can I save the dog? I would like to answer all these questions here.

The case occurs: you find a dog caught in a parked car.

Imagine walking past a parked car, seeing a dog panting very hard, on the verge of heat stroke, or even unconscious.

You must now act as soon as possible – especially if the dog has already vomited or is even unconscious. In principle, it is property damage if you hit now headless the disc of the foreign car. And you can be prosecuted under civil law.

“In one process, you have to prove it was an emergency.”

That sounds good. However, should it come to an actual trial, you must prove that the dog was in an emergency situation and you had to rescue him. If you just hit the disc alone, you can get in trouble here. To avoid this, here are the tips you need to keep in mind so that you can save the dog, act properly and legally get no problems.

You should pay attention to everything in this emergency situation:

Step 1: Trying to find the dog
owner Maybe this is parked in the café, supermarket or shop in front of the car? Or is even a mobile number in the car? It is important that you first try to solve the problem so quickly. Also, check if the car is open.

Step 2: 110 – Call the Police
Can not locate the dog and car owner, call the police directly and tell them about the situation. Pass the license plate, because maybe the car is also in front of the house and you can ring it quickly. Otherwise, there are now two (legally safe) ways for the rescue:
Either you are waiting for the police to come in and smash the glass. Or you can see that the dog is in acute danger and talk to the police, that you yourself hit the disc. 
Of course it is not so easy to recognize an “acute danger to life” through the disc. But in consultation with the police you should definitely act rather than wait.

“If your life is in danger, you may take the disc yourself.”

Step 3: Document everything and seek witnesses
To prove your actions later, you should completely capture the situation with your cell phone and collect evidence. Yes, that seems strange to you in an emergency, but legally it matters! In addition, you should address passersby directly and ask them to be your witness, so you do not act alone. Do not forget to write down their name and address!

Step 4: Keep the damage as low as possible
Now hit a side window, which of course you choose so that the dog can not be injured by the splinters.

Step 5: Cool the dog slowly (!)
It is important that you do not immediately shower the dog with icy water, as this temperature shock can be fatal on his overheated body. Bring him into a cooler environment and there in the stable side length.

“Ice-cold water can be deadly to the dog.”

Let it drink water at room temperature and make envelopes with, for example, towels with “room warm” temperature. Gradually, you can then the temperature of the water, in which you dipped the towels, getting cooler. The police will then take over everything else.

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