Dog Breeds

Dog breeds according to their shoulder height

Here you will find interesting information on race characteristics, diseases and optimal nutrition of many dog breeds with individual dog food . The classification of the dog breeds takes place according to their shoulder height in:

  1. Small dog breeds with a shoulder height up to 39 cm
  2. Medium sized dog breeds with a shoulder height of 40 to 59 cm and
  3. Large dog breeds from a shoulder height of 60 cm.

We inform about the dog breeds of AZ with the picture , the nature and the character of the breeds, the origin and its history as well as the breed characteristics.


Small Dog Breeds

Medium Sized Breeds

Big Dog Breeds

Which dog breeds are there?

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) was founded in 1911 and, as the World Organization of Cynology, oversees the existing breeds and their specific breed standards.

The dog breeds are divided into 10 different FCI groups :

  • Group 1: Hats and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Mountain Dogs)
  • Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molosser, Swiss Mountain Dogs and other breeds
  • Group 3: Terriers
  • Group 4: Dachshunds
  • Group 5: Tip and dogs of the original type
  • Group 6: Running dogs, sweat dogs and related breeds
  • Group 7: Pointers
  • Group 8: Retrievers, Flushing Dogs, Water Dogs
  • Group 9: Company and assistance dogs
  • Group 10: greyhounds


How many dog breeds are there?
There are currently 343 officially recognized by the FCI races. the world's largest cynological umbrella organization, include the preparation of consistent racial descriptions, the abovementioned breed standards, and the creation of consistent guidelines for international exhibition management.

In addition to the dog breeds recognized by the FCI, there are already other breeds that are bred with pedigree but are not (yet) recognized by the umbrella organization.


Beginning of modern breed dog breeding
The beginning of modern breed dog breeding is not so far back and has its origins in the dog shows. The first dog show took place in 1855 and initially developed mainly in England. 1863 followed the first exhibition in India.

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