When we move to a new country, or even take longer holidays, the foundation is to feel comfortable in learning and understanding the language as much as possible.

If we fall in love and the beloved person speaks another language, then it goes without saying that we learn his language for him. So that we can understand it and communicate better. To be able to communicate. To communicate his needs, feelings, ideas and thoughts. That's normal, right?

But what about the language of the dogs?

If a dog moves in with us, why is it not natural for us to learn his language first? He will accompany us for many years if not decades and is a daily part of our lives. Since it is only polite to understand his language? And would actually have to facilitate so much.

Why do we expect that the dog understands us - whereby he can not even read a book about human language and body language ?! Why is not it one of the first things we do that we learn his language for him?

Maybe you are so reflective and smart that you have long read books about dog body language. My readers are clever foxes. 😉 But you are the total minority.

What happens if we do not speak the dog language?

Because what happens automatically if we do not understand the dog body language? Either we ignore them completely and see the dog world only black and white. Good dog. = fronds, schnüff, play. Bad dog = barking and growling - but only if it is really expressive and clearly recognizable. Like masters and mistresses of Luna.
Or we humanize our dog automatically, since we do not know any better and balance all his movements and facial expressions with our human body language. That can come from time to time. But mostly it's just not right. And actually leads to misunderstandings and conflicts.

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