You know what? Two dogs were tested positive in Hong Kong. The owners were affected by the coronavirus, COVID-19. Does it mean that your pet is the medium to transmit coronavirus?

There is, in fact, no evidence that pet or even wild animals transmit coronavirus to human. However, the Academy of Medicine called for owners to apply precautionary principles. Yes, all pet owners should take some precautions.  Because the 2002-2003 SARS coronavirus (genetically close to the current one) could be different from several animal species and because “two dogs tested positive” in Hong Kong whose owners had COVID-19.

Human May Infect Pets!

However, it should be noted that the first dog had a very low level of virus and the subsequent tests were negative. While the second dog is still under surveillance, neither animal showed clinical signs, the Academy points out. But these scientific data suggest that coronavirus can be transmitted to dogs from the infected owner. On the other hand, there is no indication that dogs can, in turn, contaminate humans or other animals, the data reveals.
What does it mean? Your dog may be infected from the infected coronavirus people! But at least it is good news that you or any human will not be infected from the infected dogs!

Your Pet Is A Friend, More Than A Friend Than A Danger

Reviewing that the wellbeing office ANSES and the Organization for Animal Health (OIE) consider transmission by means of animals to be improbable, the Academy, in any case, suggests that proprietors strengthen the standard measures by washing their hands consistently while caring pets and don’t let the pets lick its face.
Also recommended: Separate the owner with COVID-19 from his or her pet during the period when the sick person may be excreting the virus, because of coughing, for example. In this case, as far as possible, quarantine should be instituted to limit close contact of the animal with other family members, the Academy suggests. But it also wishes to point out that in a household where a sick person has COVID-19, the risk for people living under the same roof is much more related to contact with the sick person than with the pet and that “the pet is more of a friend than a danger”. The World Health Organization has also pointed out that there is “no evidence that dogs, cats or any domestic animal can transmit COVID-19.

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