Hypoallergenic: Yes
Lifespan: 13 – 15 years
Temperament: Affectionate, Sweet-Tempered, Lively, Alert, Playful, Happy
Weight: Female: 5.1–12 lbs (2.3–5.4 kg), Male: 5.1–12 lbs (2.3–5.4 kg)
Origin: China, Mexico, Africa
Colors: Black, Apricot, Chocolate, Cream, Blue, Tri-color

Chinese crested dog

Nature and character

The Chinese crested dog is an old Chinese dog breed that captivates on the one hand by its extraordinary appearance, but also by an outstanding character. He is loving and tender, happy and playful. He learns quickly and easily adapts to his environment. Despite its fragile physique, he is also surprisingly robust.

Origin & History

The exact origin of the Chinese crested dog is not clear, but it was already in the 12th century BC. Known as the race, it is closely related to the Mexican naked dog. In his Chinese homeland, the Chinese crested dog probably at the time of the Han Dynasty of 206 BC. Bred to 220 AD. He served the then ruling families as a domestic watchdog and in a larger variety as a hunting dog. With seafarers, the Chinese crested dog arrived in the USA, where he was to see until the 1920s, especially at exhibitions. In 1987, the breed was recognized by the FCI.

Chinese crested dog breed characteristics

In the classification of the largest cynological umbrella organization "Fédération Cynologique Internationale" the Chinese crested dog belongs to the group 9 "companion dogs" and to the section 4 "hairless dogs". According to this standard, he achieves a withers height of 28-33 cm for males and 23-30 cm for females. The Chinese Crested Dog is a small and lively dog with a graceful appearance. Characteristic of the breed is the lack of a complete hair coat, only as long as possible Schopf from stop to the neck is available. In addition, the Chinese crested dog has a flag on the tail and a sock-like hair on the paws. In the case of the "powder puff" variety, the body is covered by a soft hair veil with undercoat. Furthermore, a distinction is made between the racy, fine-boned "deer type" ("rehearse") and the more powerful "cobby type" ("squat"). The Chinese crested dog is bred in all colors.

The Chinese crested dog has a smooth head without excessive wrinkles. The skull is oblong and slightly rounded, the stop is not overly pronounced. The nose sponge appears remarkably narrow, but is in line with the slightly tapered catch. The jaw is strong, the cheeks dry and finely chiseled. The Chinese crested dog has eyes so dark in color that they appear black. They are medium in size and stand far apart. The ears are big and set low. They are normally carried upright; in the "Powder Puff" variety, lop-eared ears are also accepted.

Chinese crested dog essence & character

The Chinese Crested Dog is a lively, bright and cheerful dog. He behaves tenderly and lovingly to his owner. He has a strong need for leaning and enjoys cuddling extensively with his owner. In the encounter with strangers, however, he shows a rather repellent behavior. He appears proud and alert, but never aggressive.

The Chinese Crested Dog is an intelligent and reliable companion, who learns quickly and enjoys every kind of pastime from boisterous play to dog sport. Although he is adaptable and undemanding in his posture, regular employment for the Chinese crested dog is indispensable. He likes to rage and is a surprisingly persistent runner. Although he seems almost fragile with his graceful physique, but the Chinese crested dog is by no means hypersensitive. Only with too much sun or great cold he has difficulties. His education is simple, as the Chinese crested dog learns easily and quickly and shows no urge to assert himself against his owner. Occasionally, however, he may appear surprisingly stubborn.

Use of the Chinese crested dog

The Chinese crested dog is a pure companion dog, which due to its small size is able to easily adapt to different living conditions. However, he needs regular exercise and also mentally demanding employment. The intelligent and movable Chinese crested dog copes well with heavy-duty dog sports such as agility.

As a domestic and domestic dog, the Chinese crested dog is due to the lack of hair, easy care, but it must be protected from excessive sunlight as well as from great cold. In addition, the skin should be checked for injuries after traveling to the undergrowth. The Powder Puff variety is less sensitive, but requires regular hair care. In the hairless variety, the Chinese crested dog is also popular as a companion dog for allergy sufferers. The hairless animals are virtually odorless and lose no coat.

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