Hypoallergenic: Yes
Mass: 13 – 22 lbs
Temperament: Cheerful, Reserved, Quiet, Trainable, Calm, Nonaggressive
Colors: Light Coffee Brown, Grey Blue
Origin: Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia
Height: Male: 11 in. (At the withers), Female: 11 in. (At the withers)

Cesky Terrier

Nature and character

One of the youngest members of the Terrier family, the Cesky Terrier differs from its relatives by its mild-mannered and quiet nature. Like many lowland Terrier breeds, it was originally bred for its construction hunt, but has long been through its uncomplicated and amiable nature developed into a popular family and companion dog. The Cesky Terrier is a modest and affectionate dog who proves to be a loyal companion to people of all ages and who can handle children well.

Origin & History

The Cesky Terrier is also known as Bohemian or Czech Terrier since it originated around 1950 near Prague. The first breeder is the Czech cynologist Frantisek Horak. The Cesky Terrier comes from a cross between the Sealyham Terrier and the Scottish Terrier. The aim of the breed was to create a low-hunt hunting terrier, which proves to be easy to care for and easy to manage, but is still suitable for hunting small predatory game. As a Czech Terrier, the breed was first issued in 1959, 1963 was the recognition by the FCI. The Cesky Terrier is one of the youngest Terrier breeds today; the kinship especially with the Sealyham Terrier is still clearly visible.

Racial features of the Cesky Terrier

The head has the shape of a blunt and elongated wedge. The moderately wide skull narrows towards the eye-arch and has a distinct palpable hump. The stop is visible but not overly pronounced. The Cesky Terrier has medium-sized, relatively low-lying eyes, which are usually covered by overhanging hair. Therefore, this breed should be regularly trimmed to preserve the field of view. The color of the eyes varies from light brown to dark brown, depending on hair color. The ears are medium sized, triangular and set high. They are clearly tilted so that the ear opening is not visible. The neck is medium long, and relatively strong with a slightly loose skin of the throat, and forms an oblique line from the withers to the head.

The Cesky Terrier has an elongated body with a strong mid-length back. The upper profile line is slightly arched around the croup and loins. The latter are elongated, broad and muscular. The croup is also muscular and well developed. It is often higher at its highest point than the withers. The Cesky Terrier also has a slightly cylindrical chest with well arched ribs. The lower profile line is slightly raised. The tail is set rather low. The limbs are parallel, shoulders and hindquarters are well muscled.

Cesky Terrier creature & character

The Cesky Terrier is a calm and comfortable dog that is relatively easy to guide. As an adaptable family or companion dog, he surprises with his gentle manner, which clearly distinguishes him from most other Terrier breeds. He is generally reserved in dealing with strangers, but is all the more faithful to his master or his family. He shows on the one hand tender and sensitive as a companion dog of older people, on the other hand also playful and happy as a playmate of children. Nevertheless, like all dogs, he should never be left alone with them. The Cesky Terrier is considered to be quite straightforward in attitude and nature, but requires close contact with his people.

Despite the fact that the Cesky Terrier was originally bred for foxes and badgers for its construction, despite its good family characteristics, it nevertheless shows pronounced razor sharpness and an excellent sense of smell, and is also extremely flexible and sturdy. He is an alert dog, but without showing aggressiveness or bowing. Despite its calm and gentle nature, the Cesky Terrier, like his relatives, enjoys and needs the movement extensively. In addition, it requires him to appropriate and regular mental load, especially if he is not managed hunting.

Use of the Cesky Terrier

Although the Cesky Terrier has preserved its good assets as a hunting dog to this day, it is now rarely used for its original task. In the breeding of the Cesky Terrier are now rather promoted those properties that make him a pleasant family and companion dog.

The Cesky Terrier is considered rather uncomplicated in its keeping requirements, but requires a certain amount of grooming. This includes regular combing and also scissors, as this facilitates care enormously. It is excellently suited as a companion dog for people of all ages, as long as their movement and activity needs are taken into account, for example dog sport adapted to their constitution. So an attitude in the apartment is easily possible.

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