Hypoallergenic: No
Life span: 10 – 14 years
Mass: Male: 49 – 84 lbs
Origin: England
Temperament: Trainable, Protective, Sweet-Tempered, Keen, Active
Colors: White, Fawn & White, Brindle & White, Tri-color, Red & White, White & Black Brindle

Nature and character

The Bull Terrier is a courageous and self-confident dog that builds a close bond with humans. If he is brought up by an experienced owner consistently and lovingly, he blends harmoniously into the family and shows a special patience and affection in dealing with children. He is very nervous and shows no social problems with the environment. He is vigilant, but without being fundamentally suspicious of strangers.

In dealing with humans, the Bull Terrier is lively and playful. At the same time he is also a very sensitive dog with a strong affection need, who likes to stay close to his owner or his family. With appropriate education and attitude of the Bull Terrier behaves friendly and unobtrusive to his family.

Activities with the Bull Terrier

Today, the Bull Terrier is used almost exclusively as a companion dog, but is also suitable for watch duties due to its intrepid and self-confident nature. As a family dog, the bull terrier also fits in without any problems if it is brought up with the necessary consistency. He can be a bit stormy at times, but never appears vicious or even aggressive. Bull Terriers are also very moving dogs and should be employed accordingly race-friendly. A well-behaved and busy Bull Terrier can adapt to almost any life situation.

Origin & History

Unfortunately, the Bull Terrier was bred for dog fighting in his country of origin because of his assertive, consistent and well-performing character. He was also used partly for badger hunting and rat killing. It originated in the first half of the 19th century from crosses between the Olde English Bulldog and the extinct white terrier and other breeds. The first breed standard was set by Birmingham breeder James Hinks in 1850; he was also the first to breed the white bull terrier ten years later and thus the variety that still dominates today. Since the prohibition of dog fighting in England in 1835, the Bull Terrier is mainly bred for exhibitions according to the standards of the breed standard and held as a companion dog.

Racial characteristics Bull Terrier

It reaches a size of about 45-55 cm with a weight of about 25 kg. The Breed Standard for the Bull Terrier does not set any minimum or maximum values, whereby optically the largest possible substance is aimed at considering the size

Bull Terrier Racial Features

 and sex of the dog. The Bull Terrier has a strong, muscular and harmonious appearance and a determined expression. He is bred in the colors white, black, red, roan brown as well as brindle and tricolor. The base color should be continuous; in white animals, only spots and skin pigmentation on the head ("monocle") are allowed.
Characteristic of the breed is the unusual head shape, which appears egg-shaped by the inclination up to the end of the catch. The head is powerful, without being rough. The jaw is also strong with a very uniform dentition. The Bull Terrier has narrow, slanted eyes of triangular shape that should be black or almost black. Even the nose sponge is black in all animals. The ears are small, narrow and close. The muscular neck is long and curved. He widened to the shoulders and goes into a short and stocky body with conspicuously deep ribcage.

The short, powerful back merges into a short, low-set tail, which is worn horizontally. Loins and shoulders are well muscled. Both the front and rear legs should appear parallel, with the length of the forelegs approximating the depth of the rib cage. The shoulders are muscular with broad, close-fitting shoulder blades. The hind legs appear in the back view parallel with muscular thighs and well bent knee and ankle joints. The movement is firmly joined, but at the same time light-footed and supple.

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