Hypoallergenic: Yes
Lifespan: 12 – 14 years
Color: White
Temperament: Docile, Enterprising, Loyal, Reserved, Serious
Weight: Female: 5.5–8.8 lbs (2.5–4 kg), Male: 5.5–8.8 lbs (2.5–4 kg)
Height: Female: 10–11 inches (25–28 cm), Male: 11–12 inches (27–30 cm)

bolognese dog

Nature and character

Sensitive, happy and cuddly, the character of the Bolognese presents itself. This dog is always ready to play and is therefore particularly well as a companion dog for families with children. As it belongs to the rather rare dog breeds, which are only a few hairy ones, allergy sufferers can also enjoy this lively contemporary. Although it does not expect its height, this affectionate and extremely active dog is very alert and reliable.

Origin & History

The Bolognese springs, together with the Maltese, a line of dogs, which were already in Aristotle times mention and were known under the name "canes melitenses". Both in Roman times and in later periods, the Bolognese enjoyed particular popularity in the aristocratic and ruling circles of Italy and France and was considered a very valuable gift, which you exchanged among each other. Phillip II, the 16th century King of Spain, once described it as "the most royal gift that could be made to an emperor". Bolognese were so numerous held by some of Europe's most famous houses that artists often commemorated them together in their paintings.

Bolognese breed characteristics

The coat of the Bolognese must have only a pure white color and show no stains or other nuances. It is long on the whole body, only on the bridge of the nose it is shorter. Structurally, it is soft and loosely distributed around the body, but it must never form fringes.

The appearance of the Bolognese is stocky, with a compact hull. The entire body is square-shaped, so that the hull length (measured from the shoulder tip to the ischial tuberosity) corresponds to the height at the withers. The chest is spacious and extends to the elbows. The withers come only moderately from the back line, which is straight and merges into a slightly convex lumbar part. The tail arises from the little inclined and very wide croup. It forms its extension line and curves over the back.

The head of the Bolognese is of medium length. The eyes are round, relatively large and wide open, and framed in black. This gives them a doll-like appearance and corresponds to the intended "childish scheme". The eye color appears in a dark ocher. 

Bolognese essence & character

Already centuries ago, the Bolognese, according to the word meaning of a "Bichon", was bred as a pet dog. Even today it is still considered a pure companion dog. By this circumstance, he has a particularly open character and joins his new family immediately and with dedication. Despite his doll-like appearance, the Bolognese is no cuddly toy, but rather shows himself as a spirited and alert dog. Although he is well suited as a housing dog for people of all ages due to its small size, yet he has in addition to his pronounced play instinct also a certain amount of urge to move. Extensive walks should not be missed to fully utilize this faithful companion.

He is loyal to his family and aggression of any kind is generally foreign to his cheerful character. This makes him an ideal companion for children, yet he should never stay with them without supervision. Due to his great intelligence and attention, he is also able to learn quickly, so he is considered relatively easy to train. Especially when learning tricks, he proves to be talented. 

Strangers or strangers face the Bolognese only rarely shy, more alert, but without acting aggressively.

Use of the Bolognese

The Bolognese was a pure companion dog at all times. Formerly held by the rich and powerful as a prestige object, it enjoys great popularity in all walks of life and ages. Playful and fond of children, he feels especially at home in families, but is also the ideal companion for couples or singles. For older people, he is also a loyal companion who actively lets them participate in life and keeps them fit. In addition, he is vigilant, but is less suitable than Watchdog due to its size.

In addition, dog athletes will find joy in this small and intelligent dog. Especially in Dog Dancing or Mini Agility, the playful Bolognese is full of zeal. Here he can prove that there is much more than just a small pet dog in him.

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