Hypoallergenic: Yes
Lifespan: 12 – 15 years
Temperament: Spirited, Alert, Loyal, Companionable, Even Tempered, Courageous
Weight: Female: 12–14 lbs (5.4–6.4 kg), Male: 14–16 lbs (6.4–7.3 kg)
Height: Female: 9–11 inches (23–28 cm), Male: 9–11 inches (23–28 cm)
Colors: Tan, Sand, Blue & Tan

Australian Terrier

Nature and character

The Australian Terrier, like most Terrier breeds, is a lively and intelligent dog with a happy nature. He is affectionate to his owner and convinces by his balanced character, which makes him a pleasant companion for people of all ages. With appropriate socialization, the Australian Terrier deals well with children and is very patient here. As a family member, he is affectionate, emotional and enterprising. Like all terriers, he is an alert dog with an excellent ear and always guards the house and yard reliably.

In dealing with people, the Australian Terrier is open-minded. If he is educated with love and patience, he is easily guided. The Australian Terrier was bred in his homeland originally for rat hunting and shows to this day a pronounced movement joy and sometimes a certain hunting drive - with appropriate education, the freewheel is still possible. The movement-happy dog ​​is also well suited for various dog sports or as a companion while jogging or cycling.

Activities with the Australian Terrier

In his Australian homeland, the Australian Terrier is still used today in the hunt for small animals such as rats and mice. But he has also developed into a popular family and companion dog, especially in Europe, because he is affable, open-minded and straightforward in the attitude. It is also suitable as a companion dog for single persons as well as a family dog.

The Australian Terrier likes to accompany its owner everywhere and also copes well with living in a flat. As a balance, however, he needs every day enough exercise, because he is very lively despite his small size. In the house, he behaves generally quiet. The hair care is also uncomplicated; A regular combing and plucking is sufficient to keep the coat in an appealing condition.

Origin & History

The Australian Terrier originated as a race in the 19th century in Australia. His ancestors included several terrier breeds brought to Australia by British immigrants, including the Irish Terrier, Scotch Terrier and Cairn Terrier, the Dandie Dinmont, and possibly the Yorkshire Terrier. At that time, the Australian Terrier still had a variety of tasks. He served as a rat and mouse hunter, but was also suitable for herding sheep and cattle herds. Opalists also liked to use the terrier to send it into the mines and kill living snakes. At that time, the breed was based more on the working characteristics and the robustness of the dog, less on the outside. At the end of the 19th century, the breed was first introduced after 20 years of breeding and arrived at the beginning of the 20th century. Century also to Great Britain. However, it took 15 years until the Australian Terrier became popular in the UK, only in 1921, the first breed standard was set. The recognition by the British Kennel Club took place in 1936.

Australian Terrier breed features

The head is long, flat and moderately wide with a distinct but not overly pronounced stop. He is covered by soft hair, around the neck, the coat makes a frill. The catch is strong and corresponds in length to the top of the head. The Australian Terrier has small oval eyes of dark brown color. The ears are small, pointed and upright and stand far apart. The neck is slightly bent and goes harmoniously over the shoulders.

The Australian Terrier has a flat back, which merges into a high set tail. As with other breeds, the tail has been cropped in the past in the Australian Terrier, so trimmed. However, this procedure is now no longer allowed in Germany as well as in most other European countries. The loins are strong, the breast is moderately wide and deep with a well-developed fore-breast. The runs appear parallel in the front and back views. The forelegs are straight and strong-boned with a slight feathering. The Australian Terrier has muscular thighs and low hocks.

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