In Kolkata, November is always being a pleasant month. The morning of Kolkata is always beautiful, but the winter morning is just amazing. If you are habituated with healthy habits like morning walks, jogging or participating in Yoga class, then you are lucky enough to hug the first fog of winter. But this fog and the pleasant atmosphere can go wrong sometimes. Yes, this type of incident occurred in Kolkata a few days ago. But that man was lucky enough to get back his life. Do you know who the lucky charm of this man was? That was none other than a street dog! Yes, I get shocked too when I heard the whole incident. But the worst fact is, no one is bothered to publish the fact, neither the media nor a single person.

The victim was Mr. Sen; a retired Army officer who is living in near new town. His morning starts with the jogging habit, and every day at early morning he visits the park, along with Lali, the stray dog, gives him the company at the time of jogging. Lali always being with him until both of them came back at Sen Residence.

That day, after the Diwali, Mr. Sen went for the jogging as usual, at the time of his jogging somehow he was not feeling well, but he ignored that. After some time, suddenly, he broke down on the ground and became senseless. Due to the foggy morning, there were a few people in the park, but they were far away, so nobody noticed that.

Lali was there, and she started barking for a long time but no one came there for help. After some time that dog ran towards those people who were there doing exercise but no one gave any attention to her barking, even they prefer to drive her away from there as if she was disturbed. But Lali didn’t lose hope, she left the park and went to the road and bark there, but that failed too. She tried to wake up the guard man, but he was sleeping and didn’t care that barking. Lali started barking louder and one tea stall seller noticed this wired barking and came to the Lali with some biscuits but Lali insisted him to go with her. That shopkeeper understood something wrong happened there, so he called two people more who were there at his tea stall. All of those three people followed Lali and reached to that place where Mr. Sen was lying senseless. One of the guys called the guard and then informed the ambulance. The tea seller informed the family of Mr. Sen as he frequently visited that tea shop. So the tea seller Ratan knows Mr. Sen very well.

After reaching the hospital, Mr. Sen got the first aid, and it was a minor heart attack, and doctors said, if they delay a few minutes more to admit Mr. Sen then the worst thing may happen. We can lose him forever. Thanks to the Lali and that Tea seller Ratan who tried to understand Lali’s bark, and saved a life.

The whole incident is ignored by the people, they didn’t bother to broadcast this sweet incident but Lali is now a HERO for the SEN family. They adopted her and now every day Lali goes with Mr. Sen for jogging and come back home with him. This street dog now becomes a member of Sen Family.


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