Getting your dog puppy housewife is easier than you might think. Nevertheless, there are mistakes that will delay the desired goal. How to get around these mistakes is explained here.

These conditions should be in place to get your dog puppy housebroken

The vast majority of dog puppies will become housebroken with time. But you do not want "somehow" - you want to reach your destination as quickly and safely as possible. But one thing beforehand: It is not easy, it will even be a very nice piece of work to get your dog puppy housebroken.

Dog puppies get housebroken - The requirements are:

  • A lot of time - take at least four weeks holiday for it (no joke!)
  • Patience - your baby dog will not do it right from the beginning
  • Very good nerves - it's best to get a big pack of good mood tea!

How long will it take to get your dog puppy housebroken?

If you're lucky enough to avoid mistakes in this discipline of dog training, you'll be up and running in 4 weeks. But for security but rather with 6 weeks.

If you have bad luck or little time for your puppy, it can take up to half a year to become housebroken!

The most effective way is to take a few weeks of vacation when the puppy moves in and try to make the cleanroom upbringing as consistent as possible .

At what age can you actively start raising your puppy to house-keeping?

This should get you started as soon as possible ! Especially in the first 20 weeks of his life learns your dog puppy very fast. This time is also called the embossing phase .

 Tip 1: The "magic formula": Often out + positive reinforcement

As often as possible with his puppy go outside and then praise powerful when he does his business outside - that sounds easy at first, but in reality difficult to implement and in the long run quite exhausting, especially at night.

Dog puppies still have a very small and nervous bladder, which means that he has to constantly.

In the first few weeks you should go with your puppy at least every 2 hours.

It's also important that you learn to recognize when your dog needs to get out so you can grab it in time:

In these cases you should definitely go out with your puppy

  • After playing or romping
  • After every meal
  • After every drink
  • If your dog looks nervous and sniffs around in the apartment -> clear warning signal!
  • If your dog walks to the front door/apartment door and indicates that he wants to get out

Tip 2: Reward when your puppy is doing his business outside

Positive reinforcement of the desired behavior is the key to dog training - as well as in the housebroken ness.

So if your puppy is out there doing business, that's the best thing in the world! Praise your four-legged then exuberantly and reward him now and then with a treat.

So, over time, your little dog learns what behavior he wants - to do his business outside. Especially in the embossing phase that works wonderfully, after only a few weeks, your dog will be safe housebroken.

Tip: Do not give your puppya treat every time the shop at the doorstep works. This provides for an expectation, which in turn leads to nervousness. It is counterproductive if your puppy is so nervous that he has problems making his business.

Tip 3: If it does not work out there

If you can not do it at all, playing and romping can be wonderful.Of course, if you go out with your puppy, it would be nice if he did a business as well. Because only then you can praise him and encourage him in his behavior.

The movement coupled with the excitement while playing seems almost laxative, both intestine and bladder get going.

You should always have a ball or a pulling toy when going for a walk. If necessary, it also does a decent stick.

Tip 4: When a mishap happens ...

... then YOU are to blame, remember that!

Because if your puppy does his business in a flat, then you have not recognized in time that he has to get out. As simple as that.

Under no circumstances may you rant with your puppy!

Because that would only lead to uncertainty and fear. Especially in the embossing phase, it is blatant when the puppy is afraid of his master - that would be difficult to reverse.

In addition, doing business would generally be associated with ranting, which is in no way beneficial.

The right behavior in an emergency

If your puppy is just squatting to do business in the house, there's only one thing left: grab the puppy and run out of it, regardless of any losses! But do not be too hectic, that would be a negative for your dog.

If he then does a little bit outside, be sure to praise him. Even if there is nothing left outside then, have a go with him, so that he generally associates the business with walking.

Remove dog urine completely

If a mishap has happened, you should remove dog urine completely. Because if your dog smells any traces of his pee somewhere, the likelihood that he will abuse this place again as a toilet is very high. And a dog's nose is much better than a human's nose, so you need a special cleaner. Usual household cleaners cover the stench only briefly - that can not deceive dog licks.

Tip 5: Less stress at night

Especially the nights are exhausti , if you want to get a dog puppy housebroken. But I have some tips for you to help you make your nights more stress-free:

  • Let your dog sleep in a large cardboard box next to your bed . That ensures safety. In addition, your dog will not be able to explore at night and do business anywhere in the apartment. By the proximity you get in the sleep, if your dog puppy becomes restless. Dogs do not pee (or more) instinctively where they are sleeping - they make themselves felt with whimpers or howls, so you can wake up and act. A puppy run is a good alternative to the cardboard box - looks just fancier .
  • If you have a good night's sleep, set up an alarm twice a night and take a preventive round with your puppy.
  • In the evenings jacket, flashlight, doggie bag, shoes, leash and everything else you need to go for a walk. So you get out faster and have less stress.
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