In this article I’ll tell you about the 13 lessons I learned from dogs in our life together. And which are definitely one of the reasons why it changed my life so much. And of course Archie too!

I’m sure you’ll recognize a lot about this article if you also have a dog. 😉 And I would like to invite you to pay even more attention to what great teachers our dogs are – and to accept these lessons from your dog even more consciously. Let’s start!

Lesson number 1: Every new day has the chance to be a really nice day

Dogs don’t care what happened last week or yesterday. What will be tomorrow. And above all, don’t worry about what might be next year . They really live in the here and now!

Yes, our dogs are the Zen masters of the moment. If you would like to read more about how we can get back to the “now”, I can recommend this fantastic book by Eckhart Tolle to you.

Lesson number 2: A walk can be the absolute highlight of the day

Every time our dog invites us to stop time. Just to be outside. Take a deep breath. Let your thoughts drift. And running around smiling.

Every walk is a real highlight for our dogs. You sniff, dig, swim your way through nature. Enjoy other conspecifics. Or – like Pixie – prefer to be alone.😉

But everything is great and exciting. Accept this daily invitation and see every walk with your dog as a shared island – away from everyday life – your very own mini vacation! Every day!

Lesson number 3: Rejoice (every now and then) when you meet the people you love – no matter how long ago it was

There is almost nothing better than coming home – maybe the day was exhausting or we just had a stupid appointment – and then your dog greets you as if he hadn’t seen you in 8 weeks. His good mood automatically flows through us and everything else negative is blown away. Why is that? Because we humans don’t do that.

Lesson number 4: Don’t pretend: Show all your feelings openly and with passion – negative as well as positive

This is one of the most beautiful traits in dogs and young children. Everything is real. Always. They live out their emotions IMMEDIATELY. When they’re mad, kids throw themselves on the floor and romp. And then it’s good. Unfortunately, we adults swallow everything far too often and develop stomach ulcers. Dogs live everything. Always.

Lesson number 5: life is instantly better when you cuddle

Yes, it may be that we humans aren’t that crazy about having our tummy tucks. Extensive. For hours. Pixie thinks it’s just wonderful and so does Archie!

Oxytocin is also secreted by a mother when she is holding her baby. It really makes it happier when we cuddle – whether with a person or a dog. Dogs just know that!

Lesson number 6: you can overcome your fears – with love, trust, and patience

When I think about what a frightened little bundle of Pixie she was when she moved in with us – it’s incredible what we’ve achieved together over the years. But that was only possible because she trusted me. And followed me over and over again – even if she was scared. Because she knows that I am protecting her.

Lesson number 7: Get enough rest every day so that you have enough energy for new adventures

We are always rushed. Want to do everything. Demand so much from ourselves. And lean enviously at our dog, who is comfortably dozing in his basket. It is so important for us that we allow ourselves enough rest. It’s just strange that that makes sense to us about our dog, but doesn’t apply to us, right?

Lesson number 8: food is so great! Be thankful every day that we can all live in abundance and enjoy your food

Here too, of course, the power of habit strikes again. For many of us, eating is an almost annoying part of everyday life. We just have to consume energy.

Lesson number 9: If you have stress, just shake it off

It is such a wonderful habit of our dogs: if they are stressed, an encounter with a dog was strange or something confuses them: give them a good shake and everything will literally fall away from them.

Lesson number 10: don’t hold grudges

Dogs have the wonderful gift of forgiving and forgetting something immediately. This is especially unbelievable when a dog has been abused and tortured by people.

And then still get involved with a living being of this species and give his love anew. We are currently learning that in particular from Archie. How he trusts us more and more and opens up.

Lesson number 11: be reliable and a really good friend

It is not for nothing that it is said that a dog is man’s best friend. He is loyal. Always by your side. And loves you just the way you are. Most of us aren’t even that good friends to ourselves.

Lesson Number 12: Never Forget How To Play

I think that’s one of the nicest lessons. Because it is so important that we don’t lose our inner child. As a matter of course we sit on a swing and swing on it as seriously and enthusiastically – higher and higher – as we can. Simply because it’s fun!

Because the best thing is: the tingly feeling in your stomach while playing – no matter what – is still there. We’re just too serious and cerebral to remember by ourselves.

I made myself a little bit smart about the “doggy game body language” and learned how to show her that I am now offering her a game. It really is very easy!

Lesson number 13: accept yourself for who you are and be yourself

Yes, that’s probably the most important lesson! Dogs don’t worry about bad hair days, their weight or whether their nose is too big. They instinctively know that they are great and, for us, the very best, most beautiful and most wonderful dog in the world anyway.

So what do you think your dog thinks of you? 🙂Do you think you can learn from him to think of yourself that way?

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