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Free Medicine rashes and raktapitta disease for dogs in india

Written by Kashyap Dave

There are lots of dog suffering from many disease and they are die, we have started Dog welfare program, so If you found any street dog who suffering from rashes and raktapitta disease, Then just call us +91-9998871196, we provide free of cost medicine for dogs, 

If you found street dog suffering from disease,

Our Help line no – +91-9998871196   Location – Ahmedabad

Other cities we will send via courier free of cost


Feed 1 tablet in every 6 days Interval

Help Dogs and feel Loved 

Millions of stray dogs roam the streets worldwide. Too often, governments deal with this overpopulation through cruel means such as poisoning, electrocution and shooting. Help support our efforts to improve this situation by donating to our Street Dog Welfare program.

Free medicine for dogs

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  • Great work! I just wanted to know about the medicine for rashes. Is it for all kinds of rashes? I am seeing a rise in the incidence of skin infections among the dogs that live in my colony. It is not mange, but some kind of dermatitis, with mild fungal and/ or bacterial infection. There were some instances of mange which got effectively treated with ivermectin tablets. But I am quite keen to know about the medicines for rashes that is being suggested here.

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